Stifel is committed to a comprehensive approach of providing an array of financial services to our clients. Through our wealth management process, we coordinate asset allocation, cash management, investment planning, estate and trust planning strategies, corporate executive services, and busines owner planning investment services. Through this process, we address creating and growing wealth, protecting and preserving wealth, and planning for the distribution of wealth during life and distribution of wealth at death in a tax-advantaged way.

Stifel's wealth management process consists of six steps that help get an overview of the client's current situation, choices available, and what must be done to pursue goals. The process involves gathering relevant financial information, determining life goals, examining current financial status, and formulating a strategy or plan for how to work toward goals given the current situation and future plans.

  • Step One – Establish and Define the Client-Advisor Relationship
  • Step Two Gather Client Information and Data
  • Step Three Data Analysis and Plan Development
  • Step Four Present the Plan
  • Step Five Adopt the Plan and Create Implementation and Action Plans
  • Step Six Monitor the Plan